As someone who struggled with binge eating for many years, I know exactly how horrible it feels to feel so out of control and all the guilt and shame that follows a binge. If you can relate to this then this course is for you. Throughout my career as a clinical nutritionist and food behavior specialist, I have had countless clients come to me and feel embarrassed to admit they are struggling with binge eating, many say they have been shamed by health professionals and disempowered by their advice.


In Binge Eating Freedom, I take you through the exact process I take my 1:1 clients through so you feel empowered to take action and not ashamed. This course not only gives you the tools to gain back control of your relationship with food, but I also provide you with the knowledge about why we binge in the first place.

- There is no fat shaming, no guilt-tripping, or gaslighting. We know that you know your body better than anyone else and that shaming is never helpful nor fun! We want to help you build a relationship with food that is fun, not shame-inducing!

- You will get to the root cause of why we binge and have an abundance of tools to help gain back control

- You will know how to your resources through self-compassion, which shifts your physiology from threat/hatred to care.

- We include an "after binge guide" to help you self-soothe and navigate any physical or mental discomfort. Because you deserve care and support at all times.

- Binge Eating Freedom is a fully self-guided course, meaning that you'll go through the contents at a time, place, and speed that suits you.

- You'll learn how to feel confident and comfortable having your binge foods in the house

- You'll learn about how the nervous system can influence binge eating and how to care for your nervous system

- You'll learn how to reconnect with your hunger and fullness cues in a caring and curious way

- You'll learn about the different types of hunger and how we can best support our body and health with this knowledge

- You'll learn how to cultivate body neutrality, respect, and acceptance

- Much, much more!

We hold inclusivity and accessibility as a top priority so we offer payment plans and scholarships. If you are interested in our scholarship program then please don't hesitate to reach out via email: [email protected] and my assistant will get back to you within 24 hours.


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