Our relationship with food is largely influenced by our emotional wellbeing. This course aims to reframe the connection we have between emotions and food. When we hear the term "emotional eating" many people feel shame or embarrassment. But food is inherently emotional. Food provokes many emotional experiences and can often soothe many other difficult emotions that come up for us. This ability/connection can be explained down to a biological and evolutionary level.

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Many of us secretly treasure the way that food can help us self-soothe, relax, feel more grounded. Yet our society does not reflect this back to us. Our society demonises so many facets of eating, including emotional eating.

- Why its demonised

- Why it is not our responsibility to feel guilty for emotional eating

- How we can resolve feelings of shame and guilt

- How we can assess our current emotional health and how we can strengthen it

- Why our body feels comfort from food

- How we can support our body (specifically our nervous system) to help sit with uncomfortable feelings

- The different types of hunger

- How to connect with your hunger and fullness cues

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