Hi everyone, welcome to the Messy Health School! Hunger and fullness fundamentals is a course that's designed to teach you not only why we have become disconnected from our hunger and fullness, but also how we can reconnect and redefine our relationship with it. It may seem so silly to focus on our relationship between hunger and fullness. But throughout my career as a clinical nutritionist and researcher, I have worked with many people who have anxiety, fear, excitement, or confusion when they are hungry, this can not only influence whether we take care of our body the way it deserves but it can also feel like it's taking over our life!

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Many people don't realize they are restricting food; our society has normalized people (especially women and femmes) to be perpetually hungry and even find pleasure in hunger because it signifies the body shrinking and losing weight. This is not sustainable long term and keeps us in a mindset where we prioritise thinness over a healthy, fully nourished and fed body. You deserve to feel connected to your body, you deserve to not be at warm with yourself and you deserve to feel energised and satisfied. This is where Hunger and Fullness Fundamentals comes in.

- What influences our relationship with food, hunger, and fullness

- What are the barriers stopping us from being able to listen to our body

- How to listen to the body and the different types of hunger

- How to strengthen your connection to your body

- How to shift your mind from self-hatred to self-care mode

- How to add more fun and joy to your relationship with food by incorporating the inner child.

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