The Gut Health/ Mental Health link - Masterclass

How the gut and brain are linked, do probiotics work? What are prebiotics? How can we improve our gut health

"The connection between gut health and mental health is bi-directional, meaning a compromised gut can influence mental health and problems in mental wellness can also lead to changes in the gut microbiome so considering both together as a holistic approach is important"

This lecture is an depth discussion about the mental health/gut health link which covers:

- What is the gut? Why does this matter for mental health?

- The vagus nerve and the fight/flight/rest and digest response

- What the research says

- Functional gut issues (IBS) and how they influence mental health

- Factors that impair both gut health and mental health

- Prebiotics and probiotics, diet culture product or game changer?

- How to promote gut health

- Busting and/or affirming gut health/mental health myths

Who is this lecture for?

This lecture is for anyone who wants to learn more about gut health and mental health but doesn't want to be bombarded with diet hacks and diet culture BS. This lecture explains (in plain language) how our mental health can be influenced by our gut health, is backed by scientific evidence but it's not a diagnostic tool and is more of a educational tool to inform someone on this topic through a HAES and non-diet lens.

What to except:

  • No medicalization of bodies (no fatphobia, weight stigma etc)
  • Written and presented using plain language, no academic of scientific language that isn't explained
  • Written and presented through a Health at Every Size lens
  • All prices are in Australian dollars.
  • Lifetime access to this lecture and any updates


Your Instructor

Hi there!! My name is Maddie (she/her) and I am a registered Nutritionist, educator and currently studying a masters of occupational therapist. I am the founder of Messy Health which has grown from an Instagram account where I share my tips and tricks on nutrition, intuitive eating, binge eating, and more, to a private practice and online school! I have worked in the Australian and American media as a nutrition advisor, and as a researcher in gut health! I currently work as a clinical nutritionist, food behavior specialist and also working in nutrition research.
Messy Health is a company dedicated to creating an educational space for those working on their mental health, healing their relationship with food, feeling peaceful about their body, and taking back joy and pleasure in their life. Through my journey of developing peace around food and my body, coupled with my education in nutrition, food science, and psychotherapy, I have the knowledge and understanding to help facilitate healing around food, body image, the body, and how they all intersect. I also practice through a feminist, social justice, Health At Every Size lens and hold inclusivity and accessibility as a top priority.

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